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This group is for busy professionals and hands-off investors who want to replace or supplement their income… with passive cash flow from real estate-oriented investments.

I think we’d all agree that the ultimate form of income is Passive Income, right?

You know, money you get on a regular basis ... that you don’t have to punch a time clock to receive. In other words, it’s income that requires very little or zero effort for you to maintain.

Of course, there are many different types of passive income investments, and lots of different directions you can go, but here’s the Top 3 we focus on and discuss:

Real Estate

The focus is primarily on creating cash flow with turnkey rental properties (defined as a home that’s fully renovated, in like-new condition, and with qualified, vetted tenants, as well as reliable property management already in place).

Private Mortgage Lending

This is when you loan out your money and start receiving monthly payments, just like the bank.

As a Private Mortgage Lender, your investment is secured by real estate… there’s no tenants or toilets to worry about (remember, you’re the bank, not a landlord) … it’s an ideal investment for your IRA or 401k (although you don’t need one)… and your overall returns can be phenomenal (8-12% or more).

With this topic, we discuss topics like how you can earn higher rates of return on your money as a Private Mortgage Lender… the pro’s and cons… and how to mitigate risk.

Note Investing

This is similar to Private Mortgage Lending, but instead of originating the loan, as a Note Investor, you’re acquiring an existing loan (also called a ‘Promissory Note’ or ‘Note’) on a piece of real estate and you receive the monthly payments, just like the bank.

Come and join us for lively discussions… exciting guest speakers… and to learn how to grow your passive income and build wealth through real estate-oriented investments!

Other types of investments that are available:

Along with real estate; there is the opportunity to explore other investments like the stock market and cryptocurrency. There will be experts of those two types of investment regularly available at the discussion groups also.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can support you in passively reaching your financial/retirement goals! For any questions you have concerning the group or investing in general; don't hesitate to reach out to Jon Lee at 702-518-3652 or JonLee@OutbackREIN.com!

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How Apartment Investing Works

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