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The spiritual calling encompasses the entirety of who we are on the physical plane,
asking us to remain awake and connected to source as a fully integrated vibrational and joyful creator.
As we expand our consciousness, we reach to immerse into the highest vibration possible, where liberation from suffering and all things desired reside for us, waiting for even the slightest releasing of resistance, to allow all beautiful things into our lives.

The universe loves as a waterfall and we are the man made dam. Our reality becomes a fun and playful dance.

When we slip into lower vibrations, the ego mind engages in a negative thought process, making us susceptible to lower energy experiences, emotions, and rendezvous.
They can create a sudden disruption in maintaining alignment. The contrast in our experience becomes easier and easier to rise above when we understand how to shift our frequency with meditation, and move ourselves up the emotional scale.

Creating a safe space where we are all teachers, and we are all students, and only high vibration light beings enhancing our life journey and our unique collaborative of love and open unity....
just as the flame is separated only by a wick

Many have traveled emotionally and physically through vigorously difficult terrain to continue their becoming,
and are needed in the invisible tapestry where magic exists, and can be brought to the physical dimension for us to share and celebrate.
We learn to fully immerse ourselves again and again in the trust of the stream.

The focus of this group is to come together for guided meditation and to be a collective on the earth plane for one another,
as we traverse life with the sacred knowledge of sources love,
sharing our gifts as they were meant, and creating a joyful life, while staying in the light of surrender

The group will meet at my home in South Minneapolis,
and desire to lead meditation by individuals of the group will be welcomed as we come together as one !

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