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Meditate with us ... Group Meditation in Ardmore
Path to Freedom Center is hosting a Buddhist meditation group this Wednesday evening from 8-9 PM at Common Space in downtown Ardmore. This week's topic of focus is karma: the law of cause & effect in our lives. We'll explore karma in our moment-to-moment choices about thoughts, speech, and actions. We'll talk about the influences of karma on our lives and the larger world beyond our immediate interactions. What should you expect? This group will be an opportunity to pause, reflect, explore, and grow. It will include meditation instruction, opportunities to meditate together, and exercises. Who is this group for? -> If you are new to meditation, we'll provide instruction and support to get you started. -> If you have meditated before but have had trouble sustaining a consistent daily practice, we can help you with that. -> If you are an experienced meditator, this group will provide an opportunity for you to share these important practices in a group setting.

Common Space

25 Rittenhouse Place · Ardmore, PA