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Attend: Livability, Sustainability, and Creating Urban Resilience

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Livability, Sustainability, and Creating Urban Resilience in Calgary's Flood Prone Communities

Calgary's Round Table on Sustainability May 9th 5:30-8:30pm

This event will showcase Calgary's most wicked problems and solutions for land use, the built environment, and the challenge of creating resilience through policy, land use, and building practices.

Guest Presenters:

Gian-Carlo Carra was raised in Calgary and New York City and that helped form a deep passion and understanding for the importance of human-scaled urban neighborhoods. Gian-Carlo was elected in 2010 to serve the people of Ward 9 in Calgary and he firmly believes that empowered communities are what drive a city to achieve monumental success. Gian Carlo Carra's career as an award-winning urban design professional and as a community activist has been shaped by his fundamental belief in the principles of design-based civic engagement.

Darrell Sargent is the project manager for the City of Calgary’s Flood Hazard Area Policy and Bylaw Review. Currently this review is exploring how the city can reduce risks to people, property and the environment and increase resiliency of the city as a whole. Darrell has developed policy and regulation for land use and waterways in both Alberta and New Zealand and is the author of several Statutory Plans that look to balance resource use and risk reduction within and adjacent to waterways.

Greg Hart is one of the principals and founders of Mindblendr, an organization dedicated to the improvement of human experience in a variety of applications. Greg has a formal background in Ergonomics and Critical Thinking ad has worked in a variety of settings from software to emergency services, to road and place design and beyond. He has presented papers around the world and is currently working on a book about why the feeling of being safe can actually be quite dangerous.

Cory Krygier is a principal of Jigsaw Homes Inc., and a co-founder of Jigsaw Blue. Jigsaw Homes is a Calgary based home-builder focused on building residential projects with specific attention to architectural design, finishing and sustainability. Cory graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Calgary and upon graduation worked at a large Architectural firm where he was involved in projects varying in scale from single-family homes to large commercial projects. Cory has been speaking on market transformation in the industry at many events over the past several years. He also sits as VP of the Net Zero Energy Homes Coalition