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Pathways is dedicated to facilitating and nurturing the inner spirit. Each program is designed to allow the participant to learn and grow at their own pace. The information is taught on four levels simultaneously.

By working Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion all at once you will take steady and consistent steps on your spiritual path. You will learn how to take responsibility for yourself and your actions in the world. The intention is to remove the illusions from your awareness and replace them with your own truth. We work in a small group size 10-20 people. Classes are interactive, with lots of shairng, support, and fun. We go for two hours with a break in the middle, to allow time for you to get to know one another.

This group is open to all spiritual seekers. If you are new to meditation, or a seasoned meditator, Pathways classes and workshops will enrich your life, here are just a few benifits of maintaing a regular meditation practice. Reducing stress , improving concentration, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, increasing self awareness, increasing happiness, increasing acceptance, , benefits heart and immune system health.

If you are looking to make new friends, and build community locally, I invite you to join us.

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A message of Comfort and Hope
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Hello Everyone, I feel compelled to reach out to each of you to share a message of Hope. The country continues to be devistated by man made and natural distasters. What as light workers can we do? Our job is to take care of ourselves by mediating, staying healthy, keeping a laser focus on your personal spiritual path, and maintaing a loving and hope filled life each and every day. We are called to do our good work, to help others and to continue to make a positive impact on all those we encounter. Do not expose yourself to the news for hours on end! If possible, read about news events vs watching them on line or on TV. Limit the time you spend "taking in" all the negative energy. Daily, along with meditation, find 10 things to be grateful for. Journal. Ground and center yourself several times a day. Remember, you choose the colors and energies for your aura, your physical and emotional bodies, your astral bodies too. Fill up with havingness, joy, peace, and anything else you would like to bring into your day. Make a difference where you can, in your local area, and in your field of expertise. Donate time, skills, or money. See the good in everyone around you. See the good in the life you are blessed with. Keep joy and contentment as your mantras. There is peace that abides in each of us, live in that beautiful vibration! Expect good things to happen to you and yours! Many​​ Blessings, Chris Beals

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