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I started this group because I am on a journey to raise my consciousness and I find myself longing for the company of and discussions with like minded people. I am sure that each of us on this journey can learn from one another and I hope that by creating this group, we will not only help each other but we may also help in the raising of human consciousness as a whole. I invite anyone that is seeking answers or who are on a similar journey to join this group. This will not be a forum to promote any particular religion. Some of the topics to be discussed will deal with Metaphysical topics such as the relationship between Body, Soul and Spirit; General discussions about religion; the Tao Te Ching; Gnosticism; Buddha; Jesus; the human Aura; Chakras, Energy Healing; Meditation; Quantum Physics; and many more. You are invited to join this group whether you want to contribute to the discussions or if you would prefer to simply observe. Also, you are invited to join whether you are a beginner to this most rewarding journey or if you consider yourself to be advanced in your journey.

UPDATE: one year later

The journey you have begun can be the most rewarding trip you will ever take. Ultimate Peace can be achieved in the KNOWING. The faith that is required in many religions can help you find solace in times of need, but Gnosis is the key to eternal Peace. The purpose of this meetup is to help you find eternal Peace through knowledge. We are not about religion; we are about being in Spirit. Keep an open mind, attend the meetups and come along for the ride or come and help lead the way. You are welcome in either case. I started this meetup a year ago and cannot believe how much I have learned and grown in my understanding this past year from the members who attend the meetups. We truly have some incredible Souls who attend, so we have some incredible conversations and experiences.

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