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Astral Bodies Part One Saturday April 5~May 3rd. $125.00 (5 weeks)

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This class will focus on out of body meditation and astral projection. You
will learn how to create while you sleep. Many of the issues we face can be overcome effortlessly on the astral plane. This class is powerful and a must for all those seeking and walking their spiritual path! Come and transform your waking and sleeping time and learn to control and direct your dreamtime!

Your Astral Body is the vehicle that you travel in when you are out of your body. At night when you sleep, when you leave your body, you go out in your Astral Body.
Most people pay absolutely no attention to this aspect of themselves. It is critical that you have an awareness of the body that you spend at least one third of your lifetime in. Your Astral Body needs healing, nurturing and careful attention, just as your physical, mental, emotional bodies do. Did you know that you can choose where you go, and what you do when you go to sleep? Did you know that you pick up a great deal of negative energy out there? This energy that you may be completely unaware of, can cause all kinds of blocks in your health. It can also cause that feeling of " I know I am capable of manifesting my spiritual path and right livelihood, why, oh why can't I ?" We will also be healing our Silver Chord, which is literally your lifeline to your physical body. We will work on your dream space, remembering your dreams, what to do if you are caught up in a negative or scary situation out there, and how to meditate in the corner of the room. By learning to control your movements when you are out of your body, you can:
Meditate in a place where you are out of the physical, mental and emotional pain. This makes working on charged or painful issues much more effective.
Remember your dreams.
Choose where you go and what you do. ( I personally go to the abyss and take deep silent rest for several hours, and teach my core students two hours every night)
Maybe you have a big interview or meeting coming up, learn how to go "ahead in time" and do the meeting or interview. Imagine the advantage this will give you!
If you are a regular class attendant, you are invited to class with me every night, two hours, 365 days a year out there on the Astral Plane.
Heal your Astral Body, leave the nightmares and negative energies completely out of your reality.
Find deep, restful and rejuvenating sleep.
Move forward on your spiritual path.
Meditate out of your body to remove the charged issues.
Improve your soul and body connection, and much more.
Please join me for this empowering class!