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This group is for people who want to learn how to survive by preparing for Natural Disasters, Economic Collapses, Terrorism, Crime, and other disasters that require conscientious planning. This is a prepper survival group for those interested in networking and meeting like minded people.

This group is about Connecting and Sharing Knowledge. It is a networking experience and an educational enhancement.

Topics discussed and hands on workshops include saving money, financial preparedness, energy, food storage, water procurement and purification , self-defense, security, retreat design, developing renewable resources, bugging out, and other topics related to prepping and survival. This group is also based on Christian principles and values.


One of the missions of this group is to develop a survival plan that helps provide security and safety for ourselves and our families in the event of a catastrophic event. Our goal is to help members learn about creating a sustainable, self-sufficient way of life that enhances that ability to survive potential disasters. This group is also an open forum for members to share their knowledge and experience in homesteading activities such as gardening, raising livestock, off grid living, and other self sufficient skills. Developing a survival retreat, is another aspect of prepping that is important to group discussion and sharing. Backpacking, bushcraft, survival skills, weapons and tactics, and self-defense are topics and skills that will be addressed at meetings.


Our meeting will be further divided into 3 skill levels: Basic - Intermediate - Advanced. It is recommended that preppers with experience attend one or two of our Basic meetings. This gives you an opportunity to meet myself and other members. Also note, all meeting will be considered Basic Skill Level unless otherwise noted.

Here is a short rundown of what the 3 skill levels will entail.

Basic Skill Level:

This is designed for all preppers but at a simpler level. It will cover every facet of prepping but not as in depth as our intermediate and advanced skill level meetings. As our group grows we will also have more meetings that include hands on. We will conduct 1 and 2 day classes on various topics.

Intermediate Skill Level:

These are meetings and classes that are for preppers who have been prepping for a considerable period of time. Some of these meetings and course will also require a fee. They will be designed to expand a preppers skills and to also help a prepper get feed back as to their level of competence. If anyone has watched the Prepper TV shows, you would notice a plethora of mistakes and ridiculous antics that show the seemingly amateur skill level. Besides having low level skill they have all violated OPEC. Ironically, many of those on the shows have spent considerable amounts of money. By getting recommendations from experienced and skilled preppers, they could have saved money, time, effort and created a more professional and survivable program. The Intermediate Skill Level meetings and classes are also a stop fall way to help avoid costly mistakes when prepping, including buying the wrong land.

Advanced Skill Level:

These are advanced skill level meetings and classes. They are only open to those who have completed prerequisite courses. Some of the meetings will be free. All the classes will have a fee to attend. This is for the accomplished prepper who wants to develop a Gen 4 Retreat or follow the advanced principles such as defense or our nutritional program.

Paul Barrett will also be available for private consultations. His hourly, daily fees can be discussed.


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