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The Patriotic Riders (PR) started on Meetup in 2011. Since that time, we have had around 800 people come through the group using Meetup. Between 2011 and 2019, the PR conducted over 500 rides in Florida as well as beyond the state. Each year we have reviewed Rider attendance and removed those that we have not seen in the previous year.
The Meetup software platform requires an annual fee to keep active. STAR and I have worked hard to provide Riders with ride flyers, pre-ride narratives, ride routes and post ride photos and ride summaries. In 2016, Meetup changed their format, the aforementioned format change unfortunately has restricted many things that we were previously able to accomplish on the Meet up site. To combat the Meetup limitation, a PR Facebook page was created to reach more Riders and provide Riders with the information we thought necessary to attract Riders on rides and provide Riders with post ride material. Over time we found ourselves using the Facebook platform more than the Meetup platform.
The Facebook page has no annual fee, allows for the full ride flyer to be seen, allows unlimited photos, as well as for video of the rides (Meetup does not). This notification is to inform you that as of October 30th 2019, we will be transitioning to the “Patriotic Riders of Tampa” Facebook page only. If you have any photos or other content on the PR Meetup page that you wish to retrieve prior to that date, we encourage you to do so. We ask for any and all Riders that still desire to be in contact with the PR and are not currently a member of the Patriotic Riders of Tampa Facebook page find the PR Facebook page and request membership. If you have not yet created a personal Facebook page we encourage you to do so, locate the Patriotic Riders of Tampa Facebook page and request to be a member.
For those Riders that do not desire to be on Facebook, but still desire to be in contact with the Patriotic Riders of Tampa, we have created the “Florida Motorcycle Adventures.com” website. This new website will have many (but not all) of the upcoming rides as well as pre-ride narrative, ride routes, ride flyer(s) and post ride photos and video. Membership is not required to access this website.
Feel free to contact STAR or myself via Facebook messages or the PR Meetup messages before October 30th should you have any questions or concerns regarding the platform change. STAR and I look forward too many more years of Patriotic, Historical and Adventurous rides with each and every one of you.