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Press The "Pause Button" and Drop Your Unwanted Baggage
Is it high time you pressed the “pause button” and took a break from life? Hundreds of people across the country absolutely LOVE our monthly meetings. This meetup you will: • Consciously DROP the unwanted baggage you carry around (and deposit it into our famous Universe Box) • Exist as your true Self without any roles or titles • Benefit from the atmosphere of total acceptance that we create We will also do a bit of silent contemplation and have group sharing on a chosen topic. Give your authenticity the space to shine among other authentic beings. We hope to see you here ;)

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Wouldn’t you love to press the “pause button,” drop your baggage, relax and feel something spiritually deep and fulfilling? Pause Your Life provides retreats and meetups for individuals who crave some time to simply relax and be a human being without any expectations. And then re-enter your life renewed and refreshed.

Each monthly meetup in London, ON:
• Consciously DROP the unwanted baggage you are carrying around
• Just BE your true Self without any titles, roles or expectations
• Benefit from the balanced atmosphere and spiritual nourishment

Hopefully, progressively, you will be able to lead a higher quality life by honoring the unseen part of your existence and be able to connect with it more often as you live your day-to-day life in the material world.
...Moments of silent reflection... Understanding the necessity of inner and outer balance...
...Reading material and discussion topics from various spiritual texts.

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