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“I used to admire people with good jobs, nice cars & riches. Now I admire people with peace.”

You can have all the riches in the world but if you don’t have inner peace what’s it worth? I have met people who are very well off but are unhappy.

The greatest of riches is peace & from a place of inner peace & contentment you will naturally draw to you what your heart desires.

Your external world reflects your internal world.

On my journey towards peace I’ve learnt that one of the most important ways to help develop peace is feeling a sense of community, feeling part of something, where you feel free to be yourself, you feel accepted, cared for & supported. Unfortunately there appears to be a lack of community & many people feel alone. That’s a big part of what inspired me to create this group. To create a family of like minded people.

We deliver talks, workshops, one day events & retreats; all focused on helping you to reconnect with yourself, increase your confidence & have a more peaceful & fulfilling life.

Here are some of the topics which I will explore

- Building confidence & self love

- Healing past hurt & creating meaningful relationships

- Changing unhelpful beliefs & habits

- Goal setting

- Learning To manage your emotions

- Developing your intuition-your innate inner wisdom for clarity & decision making

- Allowing your inner child out & having fun!

- Connecting to your personal power & inner strength

- Find your true purpose in life

- Using the law of the attraction to create your dream life.

The truth is you can have all your heart desires, you just need the right tools, support & wisdom & you can create a life you truly love!


Sarah, you have such wisdom, kindness & generosity. Thank you! I can see the journey you’ve been on and it gives me strength & hope. Jane

Thank you for the fab workshop today. It was very special and I don’t say that lightly. Many synchronicities, beautiful contacts with people and a real desire to be part of a close like-minded tribe. Tony

I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop. I learnt so much as you speak from your heart and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. You hosted in a kind and encouraging way that felt good and safe. Osnat


Q. What makes this meet up group different from other groups

First of all...it’s us! We have big hearts & deeply care about helping others. We are non judgemental & aim to provide a space where people feel free to be themselves.

Secondly there’s a growing trend of self development events that give you a quick positive boost but don’t always show you how to keep that positivity & inspiration going. For a strong foundation in life people need the tools & ways to change the way they think & feel & we aim to show you how.

Q. What makes you experts?

A. For the past 10 years Sarah has been on a journey of self discovery and healing. It started when she fell into a deep depression. Through her suffering a deep compassion grew inside of her for other people who are going through emotional suffering so she made a commitment to herself to do all she could to heal and then guide others on their own healing journey towards inner peace & happiness.

However hard her suffering was she realises now that her mental breakdown was the greatest catalyst for her transformation. It’s led her to healing her heart and creating a life of her dreams.

Her pain became her power! She has been lucky to a train with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. Sarah is trained as an Emotional freedom technique practitioner, hypnotherapist, Abundance coach, Healer and Intuitive guidance counsellor.

Alexandra Jawulska

Our experiences shape us deeply, and when we fully live in our bodies it impacts every aspect of our selves.

My time doing movement and dance has impacted me in such a way that I cannot think of a better way to help others connect. In conscious movement we can better receive the messages our body is sending us, recognise and honour our strengths and weaknesses, and better observe our mind. When we bring into it breath and awareness, we begin to really break down the barriers between us, and truly connect.

I call my practice Innerflow therapy, and my aim as a massage practitioner is to increase the flow of energy, awareness, and control each person has over their own health and vitality and ultimately increase their own inner and outer flow in life.

Client testimonials:

Sarah is unique in a way that she stands out. Sarah cares deeply, Sarah heals, Sarah serves from the bottom of her heart and she is the catalyst of the light or God if you choose to believe in it. I have broken through some of my deepest fears, traumas and limitations whilst working with Sarah. She is incredible at her work and anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her will get an experience of a lifetime. If you are reading this it might mean that you’re ready to heal and change your life, in that case don’t hesitate. Thank you, Sarah for being mine and others guiding light. Tim Raison

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Emotional Transformation Healing Circle

About Balance


In this deep healing experience Sarah will take you through a unique transformational process that she has created which incorporates clinically proven Emotional Freedom technique, intuition and energy healing that aims to heal the root cause of your emotional suffering. This process has brought quick and transformational results. You will be held in a sacred container of love and compassion. This is for people who may be feeling stuck in some way, are struggling to overcome an issue or fear and want to learn how to master your emotions. We will do the process on an issue that has been bothering you. Come and experience the immense power of group healing. During this workshop you’ll learn: * The keys to healing your emotions * Simple yet powerful ways you will be able to apply to your daily life to master your emotions and heal them * Group and pair work creating deep & meaningful connections with like minded people * A process to strengthen your intuition, healing abilities and connect deeper to your inner wisdom * How to stop reacting to dramas with stress and hurt and learn to rise above them and respond with calm and wisdom * heal fears and hurt that have been holding you back * A process to create a miraculous shift in a stressful situation You will leave this workshop feeling empowered, lighter and inspired If you feel a pull to come trust your intuition and give yourself this gift of self love x If you don’t have a paypal account please call About Balance on[masked] to book your place The deepest longing us humans desire is inner peace. We are taught to find it outside of ourselves; in relationships, material goods, holidays etc but the joy outside circumstances brings us is only temporary. That is until emotions such as sadness, shame, confusion, doubt can envelop us. The truth is Peace is always within us: in the core of our being but it is covered up with limiting beliefs and emotions we have suppressed from past hurt for many years. The more you heal the more you access this beautiful well spring of peace within. And from that place I can assure you, you can draw to you what your heart desires into your life. The most important aspect of healing is learning to manage your emotions and healthily process them and learn from them. We have been brought up to see emotions as weak, negative and so suppress them. Unfortunately when suppressed they linger inside, creating limiting beliefs, illnesses and fears to protect us from further hurt which end up sabotaging us. About Sarah: Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Counsellor, Intuitive Healer, Abundance Coach and Angel card reader. She specialises in helping sensitive souls to heal their hearts and unlock their divine gifts such as healing, intuition and creativity and supports them in living a life they love. She runs workshops in person and online and provides 1 to 1 healing sessions. She runs Peace seekers tribe meet up group. She has been fortunate to train with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. Sarah has overcome PTSD, depression, bipolar and anxiety and helps others to heal from these debilitating health problems.

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Free workshop: Create Deep & Harmonious Relationships

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