Walking Meditation

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What a lovely way to meditate, simply learning to meditate while we go for a walk.
Meditation is often thought to be a sitting down practice however in truth there are standing and moving meditations such as Qigong and Tai Chi.
For some people who find it difficult or taxing to sit, these standing or moving meditations can be beneficial as we are no longer struggling with trying to keep still.
The benefits from a standing or moving meditation are exactly the same as a seated meditation.
​Once we realise we don't have to sit to meditate we can discover we can meditate whilst we go about our normal lives such as going for a walk. ​
I'm now offering Walking Meditation classes on a monthly basis
​Come along and join me and learn, using a simple technique how to meditate whilst walking.​

We will follow simple techniques while we go for a walk which are easy to learn and will enable you to feel the benefits of meditation in a short space of time.
Please email [masked] if you would like to attend one of the classes and book your place.