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Peaceful Presents Healing & Psychic Development Classes
Peaceful Presents Healing & Psychic Development Classes
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Dallas Meditation Center

810 West Arapaho Road, Suite 98 · Richardson, TX

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Come give and receive Reiki at this monthly Reiki share and practice ($20). We will split time between us so that we each receive an equal amount of Reiki from multiple people. Reiki I certification required to participate.

-----------------------MORE INFORMATION-----------------------

What to Expect:

Directed by a Reiki Master-Teacher
A chance to meet new Reiki friends
You will practice giving short Reiki treatments
You will receive a short Reiki treatment from multiple people
An opportunity to practice accessing intuitive healing messages for others

What to Bring:

You don't have to actually bring your certificate, but be sure you have received your Reiki I certification
Dress comfortably
You might want a journal so you can take notes on any messages
Some people like to bring healing crystals, cards, or other tools to charge with Reiki or explore using during the treatments

What to Expect:

Your body will integrate the healing energy you received. Some people will notice only positive effects, such as an increased sense of calm and wellbeing or decreased pain levels. Others have mild detox symptoms as their bodies adjust to the new energy. This can include feeling sleepy or feeling light-headed.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and rest as needed both before and after the Share. Stay grounded and know any adjustment period will pass. Be aware to avoid ingesting toxins or otherwise increasing your body's toxic load. Epsom salt baths or saunas can also help your body process the Reiki energy.

-----------------------FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS-----------------------

1. Do I need to have my Reiki certification or be attuned to Reiki to attend?

Yes. Each person will practice giving Reiki at the Reiki Share. A Reiki attunement from a living master activates your Reiki energy so that you are able to channel this healing energy for yourself and others.

If you are not sure if you are attuned to Reiki, please use our contact form to discuss your training and experience with Dallas Reiki Master-Teacher Jessica Hitch.

While Peaceful Presents values, honors, and supports all healing modalities, we will practice Japanese Reiki techniques and use Reiki only during the Reiki Share. For this reason, please do not come if you practice a healing modality other than Reiki unless you have your Reiki attunement and can give Reiki.

2. Do I have to stay the whole time? Can I come late or leave early?

Because we will split time between everyone who attends, it's always optimal if you can stay for the entire share. Still, it is possible to come late or leave early. You will be charged the same rate as those who stay the full time ($20).

If you need to come late or leave early, be sure to contact Jessica in advance so that she can coordinate the Reiki treatments so that everyone is able to both give and receive Reiki.

3. Are kids allowed?

It's OK to bring kids if they have their Reiki attunement or if they can independently entertain themselves without causing disruption.

4. Can I bring my friend who wants to receive Reiki but isn't certified or attuned?

No. Please do not bring adults who are unable to participate in giving Reiki. This is not fair to those who give Reiki to others in addition to receiving Reiki when it is their turn. Plus, healing messages can be sensitive, so we would like to keep the amount of observers down and only have participants at the Reiki Shares.

Adults who are not attuned to Reiki can receive Reiki by donation from Reiki Fellowship Dallas or book a session with a Reiki practitioner.

5. I don't see my question listed. How can I contact the Reiki Master?

Please use our Contact Form to receive an e-mail response.
Contact Form:

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