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This group is for financial traders who seek to improve their trading ability beyond their current profitability and for those traders that have yet to achieve consistent profitability. If you are in either of these categories then this group is designed to fit your needs and turbo-charge your success. We offer the resources you will need to achieve these goals and take your trading ability to the next level and beyond.

Here some of the many reasons for joining our group and making it your trading focal point:

• Become a member of our rapidly expanding trading community.

• Free webinars and live trading room (coming soon).

• Free trading educational materials and resources via our website (presently under construction).

• Learn about trader physiology - the element of trading that defeats 90% of new traders.

• See how our NeuroEdge trading technology can achieve consistence and profitability for you.

• Get the best market execution prices available through our order matching software with trusted brokers.

We have a very different and unique approach to today's financial markets that you will not see anywhere else that directly addresses the obstruction to trading excellence and in many cases consistent profitability. Although this group will address both technical and money management techniques these are not the key areas of our focus; this is because neither of these are the key elements to consistent trading profits - in fact these combined are estimated by professionals to be less than 50% of the critical recipe needed to become successful.

This is why our key focus is on the trader's phycology - more specifically, the trader's physiological state while trading the financial markets. Since this is the major element in becoming a successful trader and maximising your profits you will never achieve this until you have mastered this critical element - we will show you how to do this through our online webinars and live trading room. Our traders don't just trade the financial markets; they perform like athletes in the most competitive and physiologically battering profession known to man. We achieve this by using wearable technology to improve our trading profitability and consistency by providing visual feedback of our physiological state while we trade. We will demonstrate this to you, and all will become clear.

Join us today and start your journey towards peak profit trading with our revolutionary blue print for success.

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