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Performance psychedelics: Top researchers discuss microdosing & self-exploration

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The research on psychedelics for improving health and transforming consciousness is scarce. But, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that psychedelics may be able to make us happier, nicer, calmer, and more creative at work. But, they can have lasting effects on our personality. Some people become more open while others with a family history or risk of psychological problems become more disturbed. Because these medicines are procured on an unregulated market and the drugs are often taken without proper guidance, outcomes can be extremely variable. It is thought that psychedelic microdosing taking a sub-perceptual dose of LSD or psilocybin may improve stamina, athletic abilities, wellbeing, and problem solving. Some Silicon Valley workers are taking the drug to increase their productivity. On the other hand, some researchers argue that the same effects can be achieved through meditation and brain training. In this meetup, Dr. Fadiman and Dr. Maloof discuss the pro's and con's of psychedelic microdosing for improving health and human performance and the risks associated with this practice.

Dr. James Fadiman, Ph.D. ( has been called “America’s wisest and most respected authority on psychedelics and their use,” and been involved with psychedelic research since the 1960s. A former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, professor of psychology, and co-founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which is now Sofia University. He is the author of “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide,” which reveals new uses for LSD and other psychedelics, including extremely low doses for improved cognitive functioning and emotional balance. And he was recently interviewed on a Tim Ferriss podcast (

Dr. Molly Maloof MD ( is a physician, speaker, and medical advisor to technology companies. Her medical practice centers around optimizing health of technology executive clients working in San Francisco. She has worked as a physician on call at a MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) conference, receiving firsthand accounts individuals experiencing both benefits and problems from using psychedelics, and early experience in musical festival culture leading toward organized consciousness expansion. She has read hundreds of papers on the topic, is intimately acquainted with the history of the field, and is knowledgeable on the underground Silicon Valley psychedelic culture.

Janet Chang is a self-experimenter and independent researcher in competitive sports performance, nutrition, and more recently, psychological performance. While her exploration in the world of psychedelic use is still in the beginning stages, she is excited to share her initial findings on productivity, relationships, and self-improvement using moderate and microdoses from data collected in experiments conducted over the course of 1 year.

Note: The topics discussed are purely informational -- not instructional. Translation: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Any medical and anecdotal data presented are by professional researchers on therapeutic benefits and dangers of psychoactive substances. These are medicines that are currently illegal in the US. SF Peak Performance does not condone illegal or recreational drug use.

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