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Learning how to be unstoppable!

This group is for everybody who wants to apply a modern, effective and science based methodology to live and perform in the Zone but is suited especially for passionate Entrepreneurs & Investors to excel their outer Performance through fine-tuning their Inner Game.

As do Golfers and Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Investors alike can see their their Attitude and Core-Beliefs in reflected in the results of what they do.

• Experts estimate that success is roughly 90-95%% psychological, and only 5-10% technical.

• Unfortunately, most Entrepreneur focus 90% or more of their attention and money on developing and implementing technical strategies. Meanwhile, their limiting beliefs and attitudes hold them back. Effective technical strategies are essential to success, but without addressing the psychological underlying issues, you're only going to reach a tiny percentage of your potential - if at all.

· Bringing the subconscious mind into alignment with your Goals unleashes otherwise dormant powers for execution and lets your dreams come true.

The main attributes of success are 'Confidence and Self-Worth; for that one can say that 'Self-Worth' creates 'Net-Worth'. Those attributes are a base element of a 'Millionaires Mind'.

But what if you do have a Confidence or Self-worth issue, work around the clock and practice methods like Meditation, Prayer, Affirmation, Positive Thinking etc. without getting the results you want to achieve?

In this group we'll dive deeply into questions like why we are the way we are and how we create our reality. Based on this understanding - Soulutions can emerge - which transform our reality and produce the results we want.

We have monthly mini-workshops in which we explore how all of it works together,how beliefs and our attitude are formed and how we have the option, to re-create them anytime we want.

The Mini-workshop is called 'The Quantum Way 101', and happens every last Thursday in the month at my home in Manoa - come and bring your friends. You will be surprised!

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