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This is a group for anyone interested in making passive income from the forex market without taking big risk. The market is full of opportunities but choosing the best is the difficult part, especially if you have no prior experience.

What Is PAMM?

• PAMM is the acronym for Percentage Allocation Money Manager. PAMM leverage on the accumulative strength of pooled capital to trade the forex market.

• Profit are shared according to the share percentage of the investor.

• Investors leveraged on the trading skill of the manager without the need to any knowledge about the forex market.

What are the advantages of PAMM accounts for managers?

• For successful traders, PAMM gives them the opportunity to act as an account manager, making profits not only off their own money but off of the trades they execute on behalf of their investors.

• They are also able to set their own conditions – which investors must obviously sign up for – giving them a degree of control over the trading conditions, such as how profits are distributed and what the trading period is. Because the funds are distributed automatically, this also precludes any risk for the account manager arising from fraud on behalf of the investors.

What are the advantages of PAMM accounts for investors?

For investors, contributing to a PAMM account has multiple advantages.

• Firstly, they benefit from the trading expertise of successful managers.

• Secondly, they can withdraw from the PAMM at any time if they are unsatisfied with how the account manager is performing.

Thirdly, they can diversify their investments across multiple PAMMs, reducing risk.

Finally, they are also protected from fraud because of the automatic funds distribution mechanism.

Reasons why you want to join our group.

• We have been investing in PAMM for more than 3 years and our investments have grown more 900% to 2000%.

• We have the knowledge of how to choose and invest with the right manager, not all managers are created equal.

• We only invest with large and profitable managers, and any can participate regardless of the size of your investment. You can invest as little as $500.

• We are full-time traders and we are profitable at what we do, result can be substantiate by 3rd verified party.

• Apart from trading, we also teach and support traders.

• We have our own facilities for teaching, meetings and networking.

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