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My name is Giampietro Pascasi and I am a qualified Reiki and Pellowah practitioner and founder of a holistic business that incorporates these techniques and other practices to assist in empowering people. I perform & mediate these teachings to others for healing, education & increased well-being. Alternative healing is a practice that has slowly garnered momentum over the past decades and it is an ethos that I believe in. To routinely nurture the body, mind & soul with holistic practices before relying on traditional forms of modern sciences & medications allows for a more conscious state of being.

Italian by birth, I spent my early life in a little town named Antrodoco between L’Aquila and Rieti, which is located in the centre of the country. I had my first encounter with energy fields at an early age but only began practicing and developing my skills when I started travelling around the world. Whilst living in London I began practicing meditation and Om chanting at the Dhyana Center, located at the Theosophical Society headquarters in Marylebone.

Since then, I have moved to Australia, focusing on furthering my skills & knowledge, eventuating as a devoted practitioner of Energy Healing Techniques. After experiencing the benefits of these practices on not only myself but on others, it is my desire to share what I’ve learnt with as many people as I can.

To inspire people from all walks of life on what they can achieve by connecting oneself to various sources of Energy to achieve understanding, clarity & personal development.

This is where Om-insieme comes in; translated into “Om-together” in Italian, is a project which curates 4 main disciplines into one accessible platform. More references about this project can be found at this web address: www.om-insieme.com (http://www.om-insieme.com/)

Through my travels & learning, I have discovered a unique modality of energy healing called Pellowah, originating & currently gaining momentum in Australia due to its wide array of beneficial effects.

My course is designed to enable anyone to become a qualified Pellowah Practitioner, recognized and registered by the founder of Pellowah herself, Australian spiritual practitioner Kachina Ma’an. This program represents a great opportunity for practitioners from all backgrounds to extend the range of their abilities as a Healer; contributing to their business & careers, as well as encouraging personal spiritual growth to expand consciousness & understanding.

I am travelling to London to facilitate this course on the 1st and 8th July 2017.

Hope to meet you soon in person and share this part of the journey together with excitement.

Love and Joy

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