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Pembroke Pines Crypto Meetup is for anyone interested in the nascent crypto sector. This group offers a safe space for crypto enthusiasts and newbies regardless of your level of experience or your specific niche of involvement in the crypto space. During our regular meetup events, you will meet unpretentious individuals with a wealth of diverse crypto experiences including investing, day trading, ICO fund raising, software development, bloggers, writers, etc. In addition, this group strive to create a vibrant and active environment in which you can network and build local relationships while you have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. It is an organically layback meetup. This is not Wall Street...it's Crypto.

Cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming a major part of our capitalistic economy. Its underlying, blockchain, technology is revolutionizing major industries. Increasingly, they are being use as methods of payment, store of value, investment assets, trading commodities, wire transfer, etc. In other aspects, the underpinning technology of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, is giving rise to an explosion of users applications in industries such banking, logistic, medical records, counterfeit proofing, credit cards, identity tracking, and more. Join this group and be a part of this exciting and emerging economy of the future.

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Crypto & Blockchain: Web 3.0 Emergence

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Diversifying Your Crypto Portfolio

Cheese Course

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Cheese Course

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