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Whether you have been playing guitar for 10 years or 10 minutes I want this Group to share some cool moves, great tunes and explore the variety and needless mystery of one of the most popular musical styles ever. Acoustic, Electric, Slide or something else, what is The Blues to you? And along the way we want to encourage the more important goal of having fun playing music at whatever level we happen to be at and to share that experience with others. Taking the intuitive patterns and habits that have worked in playing Blues Guitar up to a point and coming up with common sense variations that can be used to move everyone’s playing to another level. So please join in, share your views and play some Blues.

Early Meetups will begin with the basics of Blues Guitar, Rhythm/Lead playing, widely used 12 and 8 Bar Blues forms and variations, filling in the gaps and showing the important connections. Subsequent meeting topics I hope will be suggested by the Group. At some point I want to arrange Jam nights so that there will be the opportunity to experiment and become comfortable with newly learned techniques.

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exchange some licks, riffs, and brews

Golden Gate Park

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