What we're about

My name is David Weber and I have been through almost every financial crisis you can think of outside of bankruptcy. And I've gotten a lot of bad advice along the way, mainly from people who are more interested in profiting off me than helping me profit. Then in 2016 I met David Osterback (see below) through a similar Meetup he was running in San Jose. He introduced me to true financial literacy, basic concepts that financial professions either assume you know or don't care if you do. And that changed my world as far as my finances.

So, what's this Meetup about?

- Educating you about personal financial literacy, things they don't teach in school but should

- Teaching you how to build wealth, be financially secure, and avoid the taxes that can destroy all your efforts

- Empowering you with the right knowledge to make logical decisions in any economy

- Showing you how even $200 a month can make a huge difference in the long run

- All Meetups are free

Who runs it?

Our meetups are taught by David Osterback with a lot of open discussion, so bring your questions! They will primarily be held in my home but other locations may become available.

Who should attend?

Basically anyone who wants to become financially literate, whether you're still in school or about to retire.

Is this Meetup about greed at all costs?

No, just the opposite. This Meetup is about empowering you through financial education in order that you can live the life that you want. Our intent is to present a holistic approach in a welcome and nonjudgemental environment, one that takes the greater world into account.

Who is David Osterback?

Full disclosure: David Osterback and I are part of WFG, a division of Transamerica. David has a fascinating story about how he went from ballroom dancer/teacher making $17/hour to teaching people how to become financially independent.

WFG's primary goal is financial education for the "forgotten 99%", people who aren't millionaires or billionaires but want to achieve economic success regardless of current income.

This Meetup is not a sales pitch and there is zero pressure to "sign up now". If you want to take advantage of WFG offerings, great. If not, please apply the knowledge you gain to whatever investment tools and companies fit you best. But definitely apply them!