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Eat & Greet at Pete's!
I scheduled this one for after the holidays just because December is pretty tough for a lot of people. Travel, families, religious observations, company parties, etc. Peter's Cafe is a diner right next to the Millbrae train station. It's a casual, low-key restaurant with large tables/booths and plenty of room for people to chat and get to know each other! Grab a burger (or basically anything you want - it's a diner) and get to know people! :) Typical prices for things range from $6 to $15. (I marked this one as "no guests" just to make sure we can all fit at a table and mingle, but in the future, there should be no problem with bringing spouses, etc. Sorry - just trying to make sure it doesn't get too big!)

Peter's Cafe

10 El Camino Real · Millbrae, CA

Respond by: 1/12/2019
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    Are you new to the Bay Area and struggling to make friends? Join the club!

    No, I mean really... join this club. Right now. :)

    We'll host random, small/medium-group meetups and get-togethers in the bay area (mostly on the peninsula, but please feel free to create events further out too) so that people can meet, chat and hopefully become friends! Anything from dinner & drinks to board games & bowling - whatever people are interested in. Let's make friends!

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    -Filling up your Meetup list and then never showing up.

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