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Understanding Your Uke: A Music Theory Workshop for the Ukulele Player

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So, you’ve been playing the ukulele awhile and know a number of chords and can play number of songs. Now you’ve got some questions.

What are those repeating patterns of chords in different songs?
Why do certain chords seem to always appear in so many songs?
Just what makes a chord minor, major, or 7th chord?
How can I change the chords of a song so I can sing a comfortably in my vocal range?
And what is this mystical thing called Music Theory and can it help me be a better musician?

Well, on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 , 6:00-8:30 PM, at the Belmont Public Library, the Peninsula Ukulele Group will help you answer those questions at our own Ukulele Music Theory Workshop, which will be led by our co-organizer, Glenn Lew. Glenn will be able to help you by giving you a tour of the fret board and how to apply music theory to your ukulele playing. (This Meetup was originally presented In September 2017. It was well received and it is being repeated for those who missed this event the first time.)

We’ll learn :

•How the ukulele is tuned and how to find the notes on the fretboard.

•About keys, chords (triads and quadrads), scales, chord progressions and how songs are put together.

•How to transpose songs from one key to another, how to use a capo to change keys, and even how to find chords up the neck of the ukulele.

•How to substitute chords when you don’t know to play a chord like Fm7b9.

•About some apps for your phone or tablet that you can download to help you to continue to education about chords.

Bring your ukuleles as we’ll play a number of songs that will help illustrate the topics we’ll cover during the class. And believe me you’ll learn a lot about the ukulele and it will be a lot of fun. Like all our Meetups, the workshop is free to all and is designed for the beginner to intermediate ukulele player. This will be a couple of hours well spent to help make you a more rounded musician.

Keep on strummin’!!!