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Interested in adventure programs?  We go rappelling, hiking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, bouldering, ghost walks and more!  If you need to improve or maybe learn map and compass skills try one of the classes.  The big event is a July SERE course. Plus, business networking happens almost every meet up.  All skills levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts, support Vets and future service members.  So if you are looking forward to exploring the PA outdoors and even some spots in MD & WV go for an adventure.

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Feeds & Feed Plot Sales: BUCK, BEAR & CRITTER. . . + Fish Food Blend

Needs a location

Feeds are bagged and boxed.


10# $[masked]# $[masked]# $15.00.


1# $[masked]# $[masked]# $30.00

Crushed SALT
7# $5.00

Feed Plot "Grass, w/flower, w/nuts Seed"
10#. $10.00

Rappelling at Rocks State Park in Maryland

Needs a location

Park and Meet Up at the Rapids Parking Area Parking Lot. Near mile marker 18.6. Maryland route 24, 3634 Rocks Road, Jarrettsville, MD 21084

Harford County- Maryland[masked], [masked]

This is about .2 of a mile south of the “Y” junction of St. Clair Bridge Road and Route 24. We will start with a risk discussion, release from review, safety training, & emergency planning. Then all must sign a release form in order to go rappelling.

This is a great first time rappelling lesson training site. The needed equipment for the rappelling lesson is provided and inspected prior to hiking up the hill to the cliff. Training for the adventure includes knot tying and swiss seat construction. In addition, we’ll review rappelling & belay commands plus practice for falling rock. We’ll complete belay training and cliff rappelling 3X - 5X on the low cliff side and 1X - 5X on the HIGH CLIFF SIDE.

The early start and spring adventure discount cost is $20.00 for first time Braves Ones and $10.00 if you have been to an event in the past.

Bring sunblock, bug spray, water, snacks and wear a hat to keep hair up. Plus insure you can tuck your shirt into your jeans/pants/leggings/BDU’s /ACU’s. Call as needed 717 AAA - C00L

Rock State Park 911Emergency Services[masked] NRP[masked]

Rappelling at Boxcar Rocks

Needs a location

Meet Up outside the Twin Grove Camp Store- 1445 Suedberg Road, Pine Grove, PA. We'll do the safety brief, falling rock drill, belay training, turn in the signed release form & pay- $20.00 first time BRAVES ONES & guests. Completed an adventure event it’s only $10.00 since you are trained & ready to go I'll explain driving directions & parking instructions to the cliffs. Then we'll drive to the cliffs & park. The parking area is rough stone & very uneven. If you have low clearance it may be better to park along the road or just beyond on a small lot to the left (northwest).

After we arrive at BOXCAR we'll issue & inspect the equipment, conduct verbal command instruction, a swiss seat class, & observe rappelling & practice for emergency actions. Next is the low cliff/cave rappelling phase 3X - 5X & after that the BIG 100' cliff 2X - 3X

Hey, print the release form from this site found in the pages / discussion tab or under this section. Read it, print it & sign it then bring it along to save a little time.

Bring extra clothes, footwear, boots & dry socks, BUG SPRAY, water, snacks, TP, sunblock, sunglasses/eye protection & wear a hat too.

Adventure Program Statement of Risk Understanding, Assumption and Liability Release. I agree to the following waiver and release for 99 years.

  1. I understand adventure programs may result in my injury or death. Events are physically & emotionally demanding. Rescue may take more than 24 hours since activities are conducted in rugged terrain far from professional medical services. All medical & rescue costs are my responsibility. I may be exposed to real risks from equipment failure, falls, rock fall, avalanches, lightning, water crossings, hypothermia, cold weather related injuries, bites, stings, poor belay actions, & accidents or actions caused by others in the group or strangers not part of the group and accidents during travel to & from the activity site. The risks listed above are not inclusive of all possible risks inherent to adventure programs & I agree that the above list in no way limits the extent or reach of this waiver/release.
  2. I agree to assume all risk of personal injury including paralysis & death. While I am going to & from the outing location & while engaged in adventure activities.
  3. I acknowledge, I am in very good health & have no physical limitations, which affect my ability to safely participate in this outing. I understand the importance of obtaining sufficient medical & accident insurance before participating in this outing. I understand the Meet Up Organizer & group members shall assume no responsibility or liability for me for accident, illness, loss, or damage to personal property resulting from participation in this adventure program. I permit photo/video images & Science Education Research.
  4. BY MY SIGNATURE BELOW I WARRANT THAT: I am at least 18 years of age, & otherwise legally competent to sign this agreement; have read the above statements; understand their provisions; understand the risks associated with participation in this adventure program; assume full responsibility for the consequences of choosing to participate in this program; I hereby knowingly & intentionally release & hold harmless the Meet Up Organizer & group members from any and all claims, demands, injuries, actions (including third party claims) & damage of any kind & nature whatsoever which arise out of or in connection with participating in this outing, regardless such claims are based upon negligence or other grounds.

SIGNED: _____________________________________­ DATE: ______________

Print name neatly: _____________________________ Emergency phone number:__


SIGNED: ____________DATE: ____________
Name (Please Print Neatly):

SIGNED: ________________________ DATE: ______________
PRINT NAME: _______________________ EMAIL: __________


Needs a location

The best way to learn NIGHT LAND NAV and topographic map “reading” is on the ground and in the woods! We will be on rough trails. Dress in layers. We’ll meet up on the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area Parking Lot at 9:00PM and start training. The cost is $10.00 for a first time adventure seekers and $5.00 if you have been to an event in the past. All course materials are provided but if you have a compass bring it and a charged cell phone.

During this active and moving class you will learn how to test your compass and use it to orient the topographic map. Then you will determine your pace count and practice using your pace count in order to go a distance to get to an assigned point. This course is on rough, wooded, hilly terrain. You'll hike and experience the following major terrain features: HILL TOP, RIDGE, VALLEY, SADDLE, DEPRESSION and identify draws, spurs, cuts, fills and cliffs on the ground. Then associate them to the topographic map during a hike 4 - 6 mile hike. This event is physically active but reasonably paced.

At the end of the class you get to keep your topographic map, notes and pencil too!

Bring water, bug spray, and a tasty snack. Dress in layers for the weather. Wear long pants and a hat.

The training plan includes:

Task #1. Introduction, Experience & Payment, Release Form, Training Area Limits, Safety Plan & Whistle, Insect Sting/Bite. Setting the ELMO Compass.

Task #2. Compass Inspection, Azimuth Check Prior To Movement (TEST), Shoot Azimuths (2X - 5X)

Task #3. Identify location on map and ground.

Task #4. Long Hike

Task #5 Turn In Equipment

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