What we're about

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investor Networking & Education Meetup



Our Meetup is for individuals who wish to grow through networking with cash buyers, lenders, realtors, industry professionals and even construction and remodeling contractors and who will enjoy the diversity that we are looking to bring to the table in our weekly and monthly networking and training events. Learning the industry secrets from top professionals and being surrounded by those who are looking to support you in your success while creating and unusual opportunity for members to earn while you learn to invest successfully in real estate and build successful partnerships along the way.

Our Purpose:

To bring industry professionals, lenders and private industry contractors together for the good of all. Create an ongoing training and networking opportunity for the new and experienced investor while building both long-term and short income opportunities and joint ventures for successful deals. Together we can build our local communities and create long-term wealth for our families through successful business ownership and real estate investing with a firm foundation of strong networking and the best in real estate investing education, training and support.

Come be part of a community that already exist and spans the nation and is supporting real estate investors toward success. Join us at one of our upcoming events to learn and experience more...

Who Should Join:

Area business owners, real estate investors new and experienced Individuals. Real estate industry professionals looking to grow and build their business and investing network, increase their business clientele and their long and short term income strategies with real estate investing. Those looking to learn and grow their knowledge base to increase their opportunities connecting with others through real estate investing.



Why Should You Join Us:

Five Reason Why You Should Join Us!

Our Goals, Network Meetings, Trainings and Support is to help everyone involved accomplish 5 simple but major things.

1. You Getting Started In Real Estate Investing, regardless of your background or level of industry experience.

2. You Getting Educated and Mentored as a Real Estate Investor. Success is a planned event, not to be left to chance. Featuring ongoing monthly trainings and workshops to learn and advance your knowledge for success.

3. Weekly Ongoing Networking with Local Investors and Industry Professionals for Deals and JV Opportunities. Join our Group and Become part of our Family. Get the support You Need and Deserve to be successful.

4. With the right education and highly active frequent network it is hard not to stumble upon and imeediate opportunity for success. Let get some deals done by providing a weekly networking opportunity for ongoing discussions on deal opportunities as they arise on a weekly bases and bring them to close with our weekly networking events.

5. Getting You Paid! Building our network with active investors for deal closings and providing an opportunity for our network to grow through group partnership and training opportunity to partner with us on a private level to be discussed with interested parties who wish to learn more.

To Your Success and Welcome to Our Meetup Community!!!

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