SQL Sons of Beaches Tour with Denny Cherry and Grant Fritchey

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Pensacola SQL is excited to announce the SQL Sons of Beaches Tour. A fabulous expert line-up of data professionals will be touring throughout the entire state of Florida, starting first right here in our beautiful city!

Microsoft MVP Grant Fritchey will be presenting:

The Query Store and Query Tuning in SQL Server

For the most part, query tuning in one version of SQL Server is pretty much like query tuning in the next. SQL Server 2016 introduces a number of new functions and methods that directly impact how you’re going to do query tuning in the future. The most important change is the introduction of the Query Store. This session will explore how the Query Store works and how it’s going to change how you tune and troubleshoot performance. With the information in this session, not only will you understand how the Query Store works, but you’ll know everything you need to apply it to your own SQL Server 2016 tuning efforts as well as your Azure SQL Databases.

Microsoft MVP Denny Cherry will be presenting:

Optimizing SQL Server in a Virtual Environment

In this session we'll look over some of the things which you should be looking at within your virtual environment to ensure that you are getting the performance out of it that you should be. This will include how to look for CPU performance issues at the host level. We will also be discussing the Memory Balloon drivers and what they actually do, and how you should be configuring them, and why. We'll discuss some of the memory sharing technologies which are built into vSphere and Hyper-V and how they relate to SQL Server. Then we will finish up with some storage configuration options to look at.

Learn how to get the most from your SQL Servers which have been virtualized.
Learn how to configure SQL Servers to play nice within a virtual environment without compromising performance. Learn which battles to fight and which to let the VMware/Hyper-V admin win.

We'll have some good eats (BBQ this meeting), along with some great giveaways from our sponsors Redgate (http://www.red-gate.com/?gclid=CjwKEAiA6rrBBRDsrLGM4uTPkWASJADnWZQ4PAxaCnt7_k83osExGsuVbNIYraVG6TPSQXvDF0JVChoCpl3w_wcB), SIOS Technology (http://us.sios.com/), and ScaleArc (http://www.scalearc.com/).

We hope to see you there!