PentaBAR #33 // A Dive into Elasticsearch


🤝 Would you like to be introduced to the world of the most popular enterprise search engine? It’s time for you to join a PentaBAR about Elasticsearch!

👓 Elasticsearch is a powerful analytics and full text search engine designed for horizontal scalability, reliability and easy management. It supports a variety of use cases and can be very helpful in enterprise applications.

👓 Elasticsearch is able to achieve fast search responses because, instead of searching the text directly, it searches an index instead.

💭 This presentation will talk about how that index works and how it is used to analyze data. Also, we will talk about how data is handled behind the scenes: how it is stored, scaled and replicated. We'll see some practical examples of complex queries as well.

📚 Agenda
What is Elasticsearch?
When should you use it?
How does it work?

🎤 About the speaker
Ștefana Paraschiv is a Java developer passionate about writing code and developing creative and innovative software, eager to deal with new technologies and opportunities. She is glad to transform her chance of having worked with Elasticsearch into the experience of sharing her knowledge on such an interesting topic.

This event is for you either if you want to discover 🔎 this search engine or to develop 🧱 what you already know about Elasticsearch. Join us for a relaxed learning experience!