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PentaBAR #40 // The DataScience behind AI predictive services with AzureML

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Join us on August the 2nd to a new PentaBAR event hosted by Pentalog’s CTO, Cornel Fatulescu!

This is a talk about the data science and the steps behind predictive services powered by artificial intelligence. The hands on exercise will walk you through designing, testing, deploying and consume an AI model with AzureML.

Here is the agenda of our event:

* Introduction to data science
- What does Data Science mean?
- How does a Data Science project look like (process/macro steps)?
- What are the roles and skills in Data Science projects?

* Demo “predicting flights delay” with AzureML
- Exploring and cleaning data
- Choose an algorithm to train a model
- Test the model
- Evaluate models
- Deploy in production

This is a talk useful for: Novices in Data Science, IT Managers, developers, testers without experience in the field AI, people with experience in building AI models but are curious about AzureML.

Cornel Fatulescu is Pentalog’s CTO. He is in charge with the design of technical and functional architecture for large companies and plays an essential role in the implementation of software factories. Among his various fields of expertise we can mention: BI, software publishing, distribution, logistics, industry, e-commerce, and more.

Save your seat in advance! The event is free of charge!
We’ll provide snacks and beer!