PentaBAR #46 // Health Tips for Busy Geeks

This is a past event

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⚖ Life is about balance. A cyber developer is and will always be a human with needs embedded as a process. Wake up, go to work, stare at a screen for hours, return home, sleep and do it again.

Feeling like a couch potato? Sedentary athlete? Glued to your own computer? 😓

☝ We’re having secrets to share & health tips prepared. Prior to software development, there’s biomechanics, gravity and posture to be considered. We have to understand the code of our own human core. Eyes must be taken care of.

Why is this PentaBAR so special? What’s in for you? 😋
- Basic principles of a healthy lifestyle as a developer;
- Training for good habits in the office environment;
- 4-walls borders crossing and discovery of the outer afterwork world.

🔑 Our secrets will be shared by Cristina Gehann, a Certified Functional Health Coach by the Kresser Institute. She has an extensive knowledge related to behavioral change, cognitive biases, nutrition, movement, sleep, mindfulness, used to support busy people building a modern healthy lifestyle.

🤓 Don’t be just a geek! Be a healthy GEEK! Smile with us! Feed your mind! Have a cold beer & a snack! It's all FREE of charge! 🥨🥜🍻