PentaBAR #50 // JavaScript Sucks: 20+ Years of Work in Progress

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😒 Let's face it. JavaScript is clearly not the peacekeeper of coding. Fortunately...or not, its momentum makes it one of the most powerful programming languages currently. Chaotic as it may seem, writing it requires mastery.
😀 In spite of its backwards-compatibility issues, the language adopts new features faster than any other out there.

✌ After achieving great success at the International JavaScript Conference held in London in May, Andrei and Elod will entertain you as well as providing:

1. an overview of JS actual state as the elevator pitch;
2. horror stories about JavaScript;
3. a small glimmer of hope regarding where JavaScript is heading.

🤓🤓 Who are the speakers? They are front-end developers who take JavaScript to a new level. They like to talk about it and feel honored to share their JavaScript folk tales across a combined experience of 15 years.

😍🙄 Lover or hater, you're invited to a free event where we can all speak in JavaScript!