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Welcome to Penta (http://www.getpenta.com) Meetups!

At Penta (http://www.getpenta.com), we're a Berlin based fintech company redefining business banking by offering a business account for startups and entrepreneurs that helps you save time, and money so that you can focus on your startup, your product and your team.

However, this meet up is NOT about us. It's about YOU. Our goal at Penta is to help businesses succeed. So other than offering a business account that makes your life easier, we're organizingmeet ups to help you learn about:

1. Raising Angel and Venture Capital

2. How to get accepted into an incubator/accelerator

3. Product design

4. How to build a customer service team for customer service orientated startups.

5. Technical architecture


You can check out our currently meet ups here. Still have questions? Have ideas for new meet ups? Want to help us host it? You can email our Head of Growth Luka at luka@getpenta.com

We're looking forward to seeing you out there!

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