Pentaho and MongoDB

This is a past event

35 people went


The agenda is now coming together for our next meetup - the theme for this quarter is MongoDB.

So far we have 2 confirmed talks:

Mark Melton ( ) will talk about his TFL live data demo, MongoDB and more.

Tom Barber from Meteorite BI ( will demo his amazing Saiku/Mondrian/Optiq/MongoDB analytics solution including information on how various clever pushdown optimisations were added to improve performance. Optiq is a key project to watch in the big data space.

Calum Miller ( Founder of Millersoft ) will provide a quick demo and explanation of sheetloom ( - An Excel plugin to get live realtime data from Pentaho into existing spreadsheets.

If anyone has a MongoDB related user story they would like to present then please do contact me. Otherwise see you on Thursday 30th!

I'd also like to thank Pentaho for sponsoring some beers for this event.

So we can all get in quickly if you could also register on the skillsmatter page that will reduce time registering on the evening!