What we're about

Libertaria and Internet of People are proud to present our first cryptocurrency and blockchain technology conference, held at Haus Ungarn in Berlin from June 16-17 under the IoP motto "People First".

This event will feature a dozen speakers, 200+ attendees from the leading 36 IoP chapters worldwide, and startup businesses, investors, developers, enterprise tech leaders and international academics who are building the foundations of a global decentralized community and economy under the umbrella of the Libertaria Movement.
Everybody is welcome to our conference, no matter your level of expertise. In addition to other crypto enthusiasts from around the world, you’ll also get to meet and hear talks from:

Blockchain Startups
Social Entrepreneurs
Technology Futurists
Cryptocurrency Educators
Blockchain Developers
FinTech Solutions

What you’ll learn?
We’re providing knowledge about crypto, blockchain, and decentralized business and living. Over the two days of talks and workshops, you’ll learn:

- Basic information and knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
- The benefits of decentralization through blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies
- How IoP/Libertaria decentralized technologies can improve our future and promote freedom and liberty
- How to control your data through the new technological solutions of OSG - Open Social Graph
- How to monetize your data, and understand the value of data as labor
- How developers can contribute by building dApps on Mercury SDK and the benefits of doing so
- You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the IoP and Libertaria core teams, along with IoP chapter members and other crypto enthusiasts from around the world

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