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If you're a single dog lover, single dog owner, or a sociable friendly dog, living in London then you should join us! Right now! As a single dog owner, joining gives you the opportunity to expand yours, or your dogs social circle, find love or just make new likeminded friends and have fun. As a single dog lover, joining us gives you the opportunity to find love and/or friendship with like-minded dog owners. So if by any reason you love dogs but are unable to own your own, by joining you could potentially find both, a human and doggy companion, even if it’s in the form of friendship, rather than a partnership.

One common interest is enough to strike up a conversation between two humans and who’s to say what that can become. People & Paws is a new niche dating venture that finds matches based on one big common interest, the love of dogs. Start off on the right foot, or paw and grow your friendship group, or find your “101 Dalmatians” love story! (Cruella de Vil not included), knowing that your newly found relationships adore dogs as much as you do. The best thing is, you don’t even have to own a pooch, just love them! People & Paws match dog owners with dog lovers in London based on the results of our concise compatibility surveys. Your love for dogs is the most important requirement, but we also make our matches based on other factors too.

Each person that joins this meet up will first fill out a survey. This helps us match dog owners, with non-dog owners for a more intimate date. Having already broken the norms of conventional socialising and dating, your first dates will never be on a 1-1 bases, but rather groups of 6, (3 dog owners, 3 non-dog owners). However, no one should ever get in the way of fate, so if it so happens you don’t own a dog but have gone puppy dog shy for a non-dog owner, or visa versa then mingle you shall!!

While we wish for you to find your soul mate, we want to keep the foundations of our group light hearted and fun. (We aim to match make everyone that joins our meet up and fills out our survey, however you do not have to accept a match made group date. You may decline when we contact you).

And to make things better we will also be having meet and mingles at a number of different dog friendly venues, as well as some in the park, depending on the weather! As we grow the locations of which we meet will become even more memorable and special. Imagine a conventional singles meet and mingle, but now add dogs, and a room full of people that adore them! Name a better way to get to know new people? Nothing better breaks the ice like two dogs stiffing each others backsides. … let the dogs do the awkward part, while you laugh it off together.

This meet up is about you and your dog/you and your love for dogs. We will never go anywhere, where dogs aren't allowed, because really, what's the fun in that anyway.

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