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The Role of Cultural Literacy in Human Communication

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First published in 1987, E.D. Hirsh's book Cultural Literacy ( created a backlash of controversy as being a narrow and even racist book. Yet the thesis of this book stands today as a testimony to the influence of knowledge transferred through word usage and phraseology, specifically as it relates to an individual's cultural heritage.

Cultural Literacy is also an alert to the declining breadth of knowledge taught in our public schools, to the detriment not only of our communication, but also to the understanding of the history of human development.

In this session of People Skills 101 we will examine how we may facilitate communication through the use of language based upon knowledge and cultural heritage. Although examples used will be drawn from traditional American culture, similarities exist in all human cultures throughout the world.

Reference texts will include

Cultural Literacy – by E.D. Hirsh
The World is Flat – by Thomas Friedman
A Whole New Mind – by Daniel Pink
The Knowledge Deficit – by E.D. Hirsch


This Meetup will begin at 6:30 pm with 30 minutes for review of the previous session topic, discussion of individual needs, and general socializing. It also gives everyone adequate time to arrive before formal class starts promptly at 7:00 pm. Class will end precisely at 9:00 pm. To receive maximum benefit, plz remember to print and bring with you the class notes that will be made available to all registered attendees the day before this meeting.


PLEASE NOTE: The concepts and techniques presented in People Skills 101 are meant to be used with integrity for enhancing people to people relationships, and are NOT intended as means for the manipulation of others. By registering for this session you acknowledge and agree to this moral policy.

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