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This group is for anyone that has lived or is living with one of the most painful conditions known to medical science: Cluster Headaches. Anyone that has ever suffered from this condition knows how debilitating and isolating it can be. These headaches prevent the sufferer from living a full life in both work and interpersonal relationships. This group aims to provide a community for sufferers to meet up for support from other sufferers and discuss old and new ways to combat this condition and live a fuller life.

There are many treatments available from prescription drugs, home remedies, plant based medicines, psychedelic analogues and spiritual practices. This group will seek to consolidate all this information in this community and make it accessible to anyone who wants to contribute knowledge or learn a potentially positive treatment for cluster headaches.

Personally, I have been suffering with cluster headaches off and on for 12 years and have tried many treatments with varying levels of success or failure. My goal is to share this information with other sufferers and collaborate with new ideas to increase awareness of potential treatments.

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