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My schedule is pretty free, so if anyone wants to meet up any time, I'm open to suggestions in the comments (or feel free to shoot me a message!). We can bring our own projects to show or just get to know other like-minded individuals. I personally do algorithmic trading, game development, animation, music, and web/software. You can check out some of my stuff at www.kotobox.net (http://www.kotobox.net/), www.wanderingoutlostly.com (http://www.wanderingoutlostly.com/), and www.techtrader.ai (http://www.techtrader.ai/). Would be interesting to see if there are others doing anything similar.

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Do you have many interests/hobbies? Do you try to excel in many areas when others normally just focus on one?

This group is for those who have strong interests/talents across many fields, both artistic and technical - ideally those like myself who are passionate about at least a few, if not all, of the following: Programming + Film/Animation + Music/Piano + Graphics + Games + Web/Mobile + Business/Finance + Writing + Travel/World Domination.

You don't have be an expert, and I probably wouldn't want to meet you if you were a prick about how much you knew. At the same time, this isn't a group for dabblers, so wanting to try many things but not really try that hard doesn't quite cut it either. :P

I'm looking to meet others who want to do more than put themselves on a specialized, narrow career path after college with nothing outside that. There's a certain big-picture view you get when you are genuinely interested in subjects across many areas, and it'd be fun to meet others who can relate to that.

Activities in this group can range from just for fun activities, like mixers and hangouts, to more creative projects depending on the talents we get. I'm hoping eventually we can help each other on our own projects and then collaborate on more ambitious ideas down the line... Maybe if we get enough talent together, we could even start a company and take over the world!!! Bahahaha!

(just kidding ^_^ ...maybe)

Feel free to suggest events or step up for co-organizing. I'll be traveling a lot so I won't be able to host too frequently.

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