What we're about

This is a group for people who sometimes feel lost, anxious, and alone.
This group is for smart and good people who nevertheless really suck at dealing with life sometimes.

This is a group for people who are struggling with gratitude, and for people who are struggling to find themselves.

This group is for people who are feeling imbalanced, overwhelmed, or depressed. It is a place to come together in support of our common progress in life.

This is a group for you suffering awesome people who know you need guidance and friendship - but you don't want to pay for a psychoanalyst, a personal trainer, or a life coach.

This group is about the work that YOU do, and about having people in the wings who will notice when you fall down.

This is a group for people ready to truly Join again - to have real friends, the kind that help you to improve your life.

The light acquaintance of discussing the weather, the movies, and political games doesn't serve us enough to bind us together in our hearts and guts. We must learn to ground one another. To support and encourage and

In this group, we focus on the deep issues in our lives. To be healthy, we must explore. We will think aloud, look for answers together, and celebrate our discoveries.

Stretching into our full selves and being comfortable in our skin, acting with full integrity - these are requirements for feeling at peace.

To me, it seems the goal is to meet our natural needs - no more, no less. When our basic requirements are met, we are naturally raised to our best state of action.

It's time to release the existential angst of our neurotic culture.

The world doesn't want anything specific from you, and so there is no sense in asking what it wants.

You serve the world because it serves you to do so - all rewards come after work. This is natural. Work without sight of a clear reward makes life a bitter experience.

What you need never changes. Ask what want for yourself, and figure out why you want that, and you'll find some common need at the core of your wish. Act on what you want, aware of your need, and you'll feel satisfaction.

This group is to be a boot-camp for recovery from society's sense of isolation. We are not solitary animals. When there were few humans roaming around, and we could survive by plucking berries and crunching nuts, we spent most of our time socializing and inventing games. We could know the people, enjoy ourselves, and mysteriously get illnesses and die.

We started boxing ourselves into houses, property, and culture. We've become so involved in our games, we ignore our individual needs - and like undisciplined children with new toys.

It's time to behave more maturely.

Join if you want a group that serves as a few things:

Social Space - We're all cooperating to have a great experience

Commitment Club - We keep each other honest and growing

Study/Book Group - We dig out value from other minds and put it into frameworks for us to put into practice.

Discussion Forum - We talk about things that require discussion. Discussion leads to decisions and programs.

Group Therapy - We care about individual healthy growth & healing - in fact, that is the core purpose of the group.

Fitness Program - We help one another maintain health in all areas of life. Mindfulness & Meditation Program - We help one another to gain and then to maintain perspective. And then to reattain it, again and again.

Family - We create a home environment, a place where we all sense belonging.

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Review What We've Done

Jason Park

Review What We've Done

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Review What We've Done

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