The Sharing Economy and The Future of Work

This is a past event

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The Sharing Economy is bringing about the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. The world of business and society at large is being turned upside down with the advent of this new 'people's economy'. This is having a particular impact on where, how and why we work. In the first of our newly re-launched Sharing Economy Meetup series, The Future of Work will examine the very nature of our relationship with work, when and how we access the world of work, what this means in terms of workers rights, categorisation of workers, freelancers, paying taxes, discrimination, trust and how technology is connecting us with strangers on a scale never previously imagined. We'll discuss what this 'gig economy' means for the future of work, who will benefit from it and who may suffer? Hosted by Chief Sharer and global Sharing Economy expert, Benita Matofska, we'll hear first hand from experts, those on the frontline of the world of work and attendees of the event. Be warned: audience participation is expected! Join us for a no-holes barred evening of discussion, debate and of course... sharing!

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