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Halloween Month Movie- Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

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I was not originally intending to have Cabin In the Woods in September, but it worked out that our Halloween movie month is next, so now we have one of the all time great cabin in the woods movies! Ranked #5 on the Indpendent movie ranking, this movie is my favorite of the Evil Dead series. We watched the original and remakes of Evil Dead earlier this year. This movie is a funny, campy movie, like the original, not a hard-core horror film like the remake. Here is what Empire's review had to say:

"5. Evil Dead II (1987)

Director: Sam Raimi

If you're a youngster and your main contact with Sam Raimi came through the Spider-Man movies, you may have been astounded and impressed by his sweeping, demented camera moves during, say, Spider-Man 2's operating theatre attack by Doc Ock's evil arms. If you're among Evil Dead II's army of (darkness) fans, however, that scene will have offered delights of a different kind, as a reminder of the sort of virtuoso, giddy enthusiasm for film that Raimi displayed here. Although it wasn’t made in the harsh conditions that forged The Evil Dead – where crew walkouts, a lack of money and freezing weather combined to make Bruce Campbell’s life even more miserable than Sam Raimi was aiming for – Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn is a blazing triumph of low-budget moxie. Employing every camera trick, and angle, known to man, not to mention a raft of great sound effects, editing tricks and, in leading man Campbell, the greatest effect of them all, Raimi’s horror-comedy classic (note that running order; Evil Dead II is as jump-scary as it is hilarious) is enormously influential. It’s hard to imagine, frankly, what Edgar Wright and Peter Jackson’s films would look like without it."

We did "Juan Des Los Muertos" as our Halloween movie last year, and it was a blast.

The movie will be shown on a brilliant 125" HD screen!

An entree, dessert, snacks, wine, beer, liqours, and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. Do not bring wine or liqour! I have far too much that needs to be consumed. Feel free to bring snacks or other beverages like soda. :)


Mapquest or GPS will get you to this one. Vincent Ave heads north off of US150/War Memorial one block west of Prospect Rd.. As you head north on Vincent, the house will be on the left in the second block.


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