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Welcome to the Pepperdata Meetup group! The purpose of our meetings is to foster community among people using Hadoop in production, provide an opportunity to learn about interesting and relevant use cases, and hear about some challenges of using Hadoop in production and how people address them. Meetings will be held in NYC on a regular basis. Pepperdata delivers predictability, increasing performance, and visibility for business-critical Hadoop jobs on existing clusters running multiple applications. Pepperdata's software makes every Hadoop node more efficient, allowing companies to run more jobs on the existing infrastructure. Pepperdata was founded in 2012 by Sean Suchter and Chad Carson, former Yahoo executives whose groups were the first two users of Hadoop in production even before it was called Hadoop. More @pepperdata or http://www.pepperdata.com ­.

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Scaling Big Data in Financial Services

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Co-sponsored Meetup: Connecticut Big Data #3

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War Stories from the Hadoop Trenches

OnX Enterprise Solutions

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