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Like no other workshop you have ever attended. Lives have been changed with these techniques and skillsets.

Powerful, exciting and fun.

You will learn techniques and skills to get rid of bad habits that have you stuck financially, emotionally, physically, relationally, spiritually, career, marriage. Imagine the old patterns, habits and beliefs are gone. Imagine un-hypnotizing limiting beliefs and hypnotizing in new ones that get your goals.
Imagine being able to read others fast and accurately, and better yet to get through to your subconscious and read your own mind - even faster.
Imagine lifetime weight loss, quitting habits like smoking e-cigs, vapes, tobacco, getting over phobias, procrastination, reducing chronic pain, reducing stress.

(The Mayo Clinic says stress causes 68% of disease).

Imagine amazing relationships with your spouse, kids, co-workers, your boss.
Quote from an attendee in our Los Angeles clinic 2019
"I remember the first time I attended one Perceptioneering trainings. It changed my life. The first day I was in a daze because I had never had someone look at me and really "see me." He looked past my facade and right into my soul. By the fourth day, I was a changed woman. Fear had been lifted and I knew I could be more than I ever thought possible. It felt as if I had finally "landed" in my life in a way that was tangible. My business began to flourish, my relationships improved and overall, I was better.

I have since been to a number of his events and each time I grow more and more. I have matured past many old habits, gained confidence and I am more successful than ever in my life".

Here is a short list of what to expect:
Why you should come to this Saturday’s event with Jay:
* • Remove negative emotions from unpleasant memories & unwanted emotional states of mind.
* • Catapult yourself to great success using the secrets of managing your emotional states.
* • Have your best resources & states available to you any time you need them.
* • Be more effective in personal and professional relationships.
* • Make better decisions in both personal and professional areas, by future pacing your life!
* • Read and respond to others in all of your communications, and get more of what you want, most of the time, in every situation.
* • Alter your thinking to be more effective and positive.
* • Set goals in ways that ensure success.
* • Learn all this in an environment that is supportive and full of fun!
* • This has been said by many to be the most effective, influential personal training you can take.
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