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This is a inspirational and motivational group for people who are ready to totally accept themselves right where they are! People that are ready to see the divine perfect within, not the man made ego perfect within themselves. People who accepts that everything will change and personal growth is inevitable!


1. Are you tired of living up to other people's standards?
2. Are you not forgiving yourself for past decisions?
3. Do you sometime feel not good enough?
4. Are you good to yourself?
5. Can you see the good within you?
6. Are you feeling stuck and unhappy?

The list can go on and on about what is wrong. Now is the time to let it go and live your life in love and peace that comes from within. It there, waiting too be freed! You are not a mistake! You are not to old, young, big, small and all the other labels that the outside influences put on you.


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