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Perks of Fasting will highlight the benefits of fasting. We will also discuss the different types of fasting from intermittent fasting to fasting mimicking diet. There are many way to incorporate fasting into your lifestyle. In this monthly Meetup we will address different health benefits to fasting properly and also go over tips on how to complete a fast with ease. Each month we will also look at a different health issue and how to use fasting to help your body heal. In addition, we will go over other dietary changes to support your body healing.

Do you have abdominal obesity, elevated fasting glucose, elevated blood pressure, high serum triglycerides or high cholesterol? Fasting could be an effective way to reset your body and allow these measurements to return to a normal range. This group is open to people who are looking for information on fasting, support as you start to fast.

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Overview of fasting & GI issues - Online Meetup

Online event

Different types of fasting and wellness

Perks of Wellness

Overview of fasting & blood sugar

Perks of Wellness

Overview of fasting & weight loss

Perks of Wellness

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