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This is a community Meetup where we can exchange ideas, information, resources, connections, meetings, events, parties, films, etc, that will help us all to move toward a more sustainable and regenerative way of life. Together, we can do more. Let's use this group to generate co-creative projects, to support existing projects, to create brainstorming design/planning sessions, to educate one another, to offer educational opportunities, seed swaps and other share events, or ?. This group is not meant to replace any local groups. Local is vital! This group can strengthen and contribute to local efforts, meetups and groups, through cross pollination and sharing of ideas, resources and events in the Tampa Bay area. Let us know what you'd like to see here!

Do you hold events in the Tampa Bay area related to permaculture, sustainable living, tiny homes, community gardens, Maker activities, placemaking, community building, holistic living, holistic design, bioregional sustainability issues, regenerative living, etc? Suggest them here!

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Online Permaculture Design Course

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Introducing the internationally recognized Grow Permaculture Full Online Permaculture Design Course with hands-on learning and mentoring.

Now more than ever, people have attention on creating more choices and resilience in their lives. We want healthy food, a clean environment, and security for us, our children and future generations. This course offers practical steps to achieving these things in your own life, regardless of your circumstances.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to apply permaculture techniques to design your life.
  • How to grow your own food abundantly and sustainably.
  • How to increase your own abundance and quality of life while helping to heal the planet.
  • How to create and deepen beneficial connections with nature and with other people.
  • How to create a career using permaculture.

We have gotten many requests to offer an online version from people whose schedules don’t match up with our in-person courses or who prefer to study online. This course can be studied at your own pace, with a focus on your own site design. Creating the opportunity for a participatory and hands-on experience is important to us, so we include practical exercises that you perform on your own site. In addition we will have live Q and A sessions and personal mentoring with instructors and you will be able to share your experience with instructors and other students via photos, essays or videos.

We have added some exciting learning modules to the online version and other extras, including units with experts covering various topics. The course will address strategies for drylands, temperate, tropical and other climates based on the significant knowledge and experience of our instructors working in those climates and will also have bonus sections focused specifically on Florida/subtropical climate because of how unique the ecosystem is in Florida. Many of these techniques are very useful in multiple climates and we explain how and why.
Students will have an opportunity to self-test their knowledge, to join discussion groups with other students, to participate in question and answer sessions on Zoom (online video conference software) with instructors, and to get feedback from a personal mentor. In addition there are in-person modules for those who want that, and special sessions we normally can’t offer in person because of time and site constraints. We feel this exceeds the learning experience from an in-person course alone.

There are additional in-depth materials offered for each section of the course as well as a resource list where you can find more information on that topic and explore areas of interest more deeply.

Each student will complete a permaculture design of the site of their choice, working through it step-by-step to ensure you have an understanding of each step of the process. Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate for the course.

Early bird discount applies to March 31. For full details please visit https://growpermaculture.com/event/online-pdc-course-july-2022/

Six Month In-Person PDC Sep 2022

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Now more than ever, people have attention on creating more choices and resilience in their lives. We want healthy food, a clean environment, and security for us, our children and future generations. This course offers practical steps to achieving these things in your own life, regardless of your circumstances.

We hope you will join us at our six month in-depth Hands-on Urban Permaculture Design Course. It runs the first weekend of each month, from Sep 10, 2022 to March 12, 2023.

This is Grow Permaculture’s 31st internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course, based on Bill Mollison’s work. This course will be held in Lakewood United Church classroom in St Petersburg, FL, and at (to be announced dates) our farm in Brooksville, giving people an opportunity to see and study permaculture in action in both urban and farm environments.

The course is designed to offer multiple opportunities including career mentoring and pathways, community building opportunities, resource networking, and skill building. It is extended over six months to give students maximum time to absorb the information and put it into practice. This also allows people with busy schedules to take the course. It is possible to make up classes if one cannot make every weekend; we work with students to get you through the materials.

There are volumes of material on permaculture on the internet. Our course offers focused and relevant written material, hands on practice, and interactive learning that will aid students to master and apply key concepts. Materials are designed to guide students in continuing their education after the course, and we also offer apprenticeship opportunities. Instructors are veteran, professional designers and educators who have a wide range of on-the-ground design experience; this experience can help you shorten your learning curve, time, and expense significantly.

By cooperating with nature and her energies, we are able to design our lives, from backyard gardens and food forests to neighborhoods, farms or even cities to be more abundant, more sustainable, healthier, and more enjoyable. It is a cutting edge approach to living that helps both people and the environment. This course is life changing for many people.

We incorporate multiple learning styles including hands on, visual aids, immersion, lecture, interaction, and more. Our choice of materials, videos, expert speakers, when feasible - field trips, focused hands on activities (that give you step by step useful skill sets), Florida-specific information, written materials, networking and career opportunities, and design tools are the result of this feedback.

We live in this community and care about its future and we continue to work with graduates in the community to create something better, together. We also offer assistance in coordinating carpooling and housing during the class between student and graduates who live locally.

Homes, work places, gardens, farms, ranches, communities, businesses, local economies, or cities that are designed with permaculture principles and techniques are more resilient; they use resources in a regenerative way, ensuring that we, our children and our grandchildren will have access to all the resources we need. By incorporating people care into the equation, this process becomes deeply enjoyable too.

This course attracts students from all over Florida and beyond. Students meet others who think like they do, and often make life long friendships during the course; some find new career or lifestyle opportunities. Be the change you would like to see, and be effective at it, by designing that change!

St Petersburg is one of the most active cities in Florida on the sustainability front, hosting many great regenerative projects. Our permaculture farm is located in a unique sandhill pine-oak ecosystem in Florida. We have many beautiful oak and pine trees on the site, native wildlife including protected species, and wild edibles such as pawpaws, wild cherry, and dewberries. In addition we have a number of different types of permaculture gardens, chickens, water catchment, solar, and other appropriate technolgoy. We have many beautiful parks nearby including springs that manatees visit regularly, rivers, bike trails, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Early bird discounts apply. For full details please see https://growpermaculture.com/event/six-month-in-person-pdc-sep-2022/

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