Tech Tuesday - incl. Blockchain, privacy, robot chatbot, augmented reality

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Een avond helemaal gerelateerd aan het onderwerp tech. Verschillende boeiende sprekers nemen zowel de echte Techies als beginners mee in een presentatie of workshop. In het diverse programma bepaal jijzelf waar je aansluit. Blijk je iets niet leuk te vinden, dan mag je tussendoor van onderwerp veranderen. Zoals altijd kun je ‘geeken in het Permanent Future Lab’

19:30 - 20:30 - PIP! - Chatbot looking for love by Ine Poppe and Marc Buma
As part of the Robot Love project for the Dutch Design Week 2018, a chatterbot called PIP has been conceived. During this presentation we will explain the ideas and technologies behind PIP.
First about the history of psychological chatterbots, like PIPs sister Eliza and her maker Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum. Also some of PIPs character, language, preferences and his/her/its behavior, will be revealed.
Next, Marc will show you what is going on in PIPs brain and give some tips about building your own chatbot. Topics that will be discussed are chatbot technology, bot creation platforms and artificial intelligence markup language (AIML). Afterwards you will be able to have a revealing chat with PIP yourself!

19:30 - 20:30 - Crypto Investing - Ask me Anything by Joris de Rooster
A brief tour of how to invest in crypto currencies, how to trade, which exchanges are safe, how to avoid mistakes crypto newcomers make, and all the questions you want to ask about trading. Joris will talk mostly about trading strategies.

19:30 - 20:30 - Sensor Lab by Wilco Tomassen
Introductie over Sensor Lab, een nieuw innovatielab met als doel te experimenteren met nieuwe technieken om samen tot vernieuwende oplossingen te komen die ons leven schoner, slimmer en eenvoudiger maken. Na de introductie over wat Sensor Lab is, wat het doel is en hoe we dat willen bereiken is er mogelijkheid om te experimenteren met hardware van de Sensor Lab workshop "From signal to visual".

19:30 - 21:30 - MakeSense Worldwide SenseTech Week by Coby Zephyr Babani & Max Bouillon
Good ideas are in the head of many of us. We identify problems in society, and maybe even come up with solutions to them. What holds us back from further developing our program might be a lack of knowledge about social and environmental enterprises. To fill this lack, we invite Coby Zephyr Babani and Max Bouillon, who suggest, that everyone can be a social entrepreneur. Through the expertise they gathered in leading Sapient Social & Environmental Enterprises and MakeSense NL, they aim to take down our fence of creation angst.

20:30 - 21:30 - Privacy checkup by Elwin Levels
Wifi tracking, data mining, traffic analysis; without realising it a lot of your personal information is being exposed daily in mostly sneaky ways.
While privacy is fortunately getting more attention in the media, what usually lacks are the ways in which you yourself can be much more in control over what you share.
In this privacy checkup Elwin will discuss a number of known and lesser known tools and settings that will greatly improve your on- & offline privacy on your connected devices.

20:30 - 21:30 - Decred blockchain by Noah Pierau
The Decred project was created to solve the forking problems of Bitcoin. It launched in 2016 without ICO or external funding. Its innovative blockchain model creates a balance between miners and stakeholders. The project is committed to release free and open-source code that will benefit the whole blockchain ecosystem.

20:30 - 21:30 - Meta 2 Developer kit by Jurjen de Vries
The Meta 2 is a new augmented reality glass which allows you to touch, grab, and pull photorealistic content. Together we will discover this new device and look into the development opportunities. Afterwards this night the Meta 2 will be shared in the Permanent Future Lab.

Tech Tuesday is een samenwerking tussen de bewegingen van Permanent Future Lab, Permanent Beta en Deze editie sluit de MakeSense beweging zich daarbij aan.