Why open blockchains matter - Day program in Dutch Blockchain Week


Price: €29.00

Meet Berlage | Meeting, Work & Event Space Amsterdam Centrum

Oudebrugsteeg 9 · Amsterdam

How to find us

In de Bediende Room or the blockDAM wo-working room at 9:00AM sharp.

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Unknown design principles of blockchains and their consequences

Blockchain is inherited from bitcoin. Many people seem to not know that. In one day we will empower participants with the knowledge of crypto currencies’ design principles immutability, self-sovereignty and efficiency, the associated building blocks and the reasons why blockchains in this perspective matter.

Six sessions to choose from or a package deal for the whole day:
- Features from history of money in todays crypto currencies
- Fundamentals crypto currencies and blockchains
- The real innovation in money and trust
- Spectrum DLT to open public blockchains
- Versatility of crypto tokens
- Extra layers of guarantee for any system

The full revenue will be donated to MeetBerlage because they have been supporting BlockDAM. BlockDAM trainers will not be paid. Your ticket is your support too!

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- Krijn Soeteman -
Author and science & tech journalist
Self employed
Author of the book 'Cryptocurrencies for Dummies' (in Dutch and German). Got in touch with Bitcoin in late 2011 during research for a science tv programme and kept following the project. Real interest came after the famous Mt. Gox-crash and he started following the Bitcoin-project and other blockchain projects more closely. Got inspired with Ethereum and the possibilities of 'smart contracts'. After writing the book in 2018, he became an advocate of open public blockchains.

- Bas Wisselink -
Speaker, writer and teacher
Rational Creativity
Public speaker, writer and educator on Bitcoin and open blockchain technology since 2013.
Worked on the Nxt blockchain, co-founded Blockchain Workspace and helped many people initiate projects, which is his main passion. He has a distinct vision about blockchain technology that is grounded in realism and honesty. Nothing is ever finished, nothing is perfect and the only way to move forward is to educate, build and progress.

- Hans Geldof -
Blockchain Project Manager & Trainer
Geldof Innovation Technology
In professional IT since 1995, I programmed, designed and managed software and IT related projects for big and small companies. In crypto since 2013 and active in blockchain since 2017. Fan of open source and open public blockchain applications.

- Bart van Maarseveen -
Advisor on open blockchain tech since 2016
move | open
Open source advocate since mid nineties and as a result now full into open blockchain technology. With an entrepreneurial and pragmatic mind Bart is always working on liberating technology.

- Henk van Cann -
Open Public Blockchain tech, Bitcoin purist, Self Sov Identity, Crypto Innov. since 2013, BlockDAM Amsterdam, husband, father, musician; else?: open source minded, trainer
Co-founder of the training firm Blockchain Workspace (bcws.io) and works for the open public blockchain community.

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NOTE: 29 euro is per session of one hour per person. There is a package deal 6 sessions and lunch for 160 euro. Feel free to choose and sponsor our open public blockchain community at MeetBerlage in one go!