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This MeetUp group was founded in 2013, our events are quiet relaxed socials for people aged 50+ who would like to widen their social circle and build friendships - and who share our interest in personal development, self help, alternative therapies, spiritualism, psychic development, and card reading.

Typical events include going to the monthly curry and other meals, cafe socials, we also have a regular tarot reading shares.

I add listings from spritaulist churches, psychic days and other workshops / events that are going on around here which may interest the membership.

We don't do any of that active stuff like walking, cycling, keep fit or the like! There are plenty of other groups that cater for that.

Membership - £5.00 optional dontation to support the running of the group - unlike some other groups there are no annual subscriptions. The £5 covers charges to to run the group. Organisers and hosts do not get paid or claim expenses (again unlike some other groups).

SOME meetings have a RSVP fee to support the running of the group.

Membership is limited to 50 members, many of our socials are limited to 4-6 people we all get to chat to each other- if you prefer big groups then this is not the Meetup group for yo


Attendance requirements - this is to deter the members who join but don't go along to meetings as that unfortunately gives a false impression of the size of the membership and is frustrating for other members who want to get involved and genuinely meet people. We believe it's better to have 10 active members than hundreds/thousands that don't come out.

Your membership remains live so long as you are active within the group or choose to leave provided you attend your first meeting in the first month of joining and then at least once every month thereafter. Once the group is full (50 members) the least active member will be permanently removed to so new members can join. If all members are active then no new members will be admitted until someone is inactive or leaves.

In setting up the group I agreed to regulations to provide an OFFLINE community, which means that members will meet IN PERSON.

There is absolutely no point joining if you are looking for meetings in Teeside/Durham etc unless you are prepared to add and host meetings there yourself.

Where else can you find us? 'like' us on Facebook - (

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