What we're about

This is a new group that I have set up for those who wish to learn and/or share any useful techniques relating to Personal Development and Growth.
It is more focused on learning simple, yet effective ways to process difficult emotions than other more 'goal-oriented' techniques and groups may be.

It is currently free of charge and open to those who are either new to this concept and open to learning about it, or to those who are more experienced in the subject. The idea is that it should be more experiential than academic; so potentially beneficial in a more immediate way.

Groups will be kept to a small size, and a safe space provided so that all who wish to can share their ideas in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

I have two specific self-guided methods that I can share which are powerful tools for personal development, processing difficult emotions, or even for healing the mind and body. They can help to give those who use them some more space in their lives for enjoyment, authenticity or just relaxation. Although they are 'mediative' practices, they are not simply 'Meditation'.

However, if others have suggestions or knowledge about other techniques they have found useful, then you will be welcome to share these as well during the session.

This is not a 'therapy' group, but simply a place to learn and share ideas and techniques. Some of the processes can be practised during the session, usually in pairs or threes. These will work on simple examples in a non-intrusive way, so any longer-term, or deeper/more difficult work will need to be taken up outside of the group setting, for instance with your own therapist or counsellor.

Difficult issues may arise for you during the session, in which case there will be a chance to share this in a boundaried way, whilst respecting the needs of other members in the group for a 'safe space', and for their own needs to be met.

Any further issues that cannot be explored will need to be taken up with your own therapist or other personal practitioner.

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