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My mission is to create a space for people with a passion for personal development to connect with each other and make new friends.

For many of you, I'm sure you've read, heard someone say, or intuitively know that one of the things that will have a dramatic impact on your life is a positive peer group. We've heard the "You're the whatever of the 5 friends you spend..." How inspired, encouraged, challenged and energized by the people you spend the most time with? These peers are choice; they are the people that you choose to affect your mind.

I want to take the above idea and have it have real impact. To create this positive space for others to share their goals, their progress, their challenges, their stories, their beliefs, their personal techniques and their feedback for others.

My vision is for attendees to leave an event: 1) feeling energized from meaningful, interaction and giving to others, 2) having gained helpful insight and value, or 3) having gained a potential friend or two that brings out the best in them. If personal development is a passion of yours, feel free to join in and participate!

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